Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic Veneers

More and more, people are turning to veneers to change the way they feel about their smile. Veneers are thin, custom-made ceramic shells, much like fake fingernails, that fit your teeth. Used in the place of crowns, veneers are used to correct teeth that are broken or chipped, darkly discolored, or even the gaps between teeth. By using veneers instead of crowns we can avoid the need for so much drilling, and still get the aesthetically pleasing results we are looking for.

At Smiles by Design, we use IPS Empress, a maker we have found superior to all others, so call us today to find out how veneers can change the way you feel about your smile!

The Empress line of ceramic veneers has changed the smiles and lives of millions of people. Completely metal-free, Empress restorative material has a nearly 20 year history in dentistry. It has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies, and all of them stand behind the Empress claim; to restore the beauty and healthy appearance of your teeth.

Once it has been decided that veneers are the best option for you, our Smiles by Design dentist, using the expertise that comes from long years of experience, will gently prepare your teeth for their new look. During this process, a ceramist at a dental laboratory will be carefully crafting your custom designed veneers to our exacting specifications. Upon completion, the veneers will be affixed to your natural teeth to completely change the look and feel of your smile.

IPS Empress® Ceramic Veneers: Before & After Stories

Feeling Great and Looking Fabulous at 40! It’s one thing to not know what you’re missing. It’s another when you do. Juliet had been a model, traveling internationally and cultivating her eclectic interests before making her home in Oklahoma. A makeup artist for a local and national modeling agency, she’s constantly working closely with attractive, good looking people. Although she was feeling great and leaving people in a state of disbelief that she’d just turned 40, her smile didn’t reflect her true self. Old dental work was yellowing and the final, devastating straw came when one of her clients asked her if her teeth were fake. After meeting with her dentist, she became excited about recapturing a natural looking, beautiful smile. Not wanting something that looks “Hollywood,” Juliet’s Empress® veneers give her the “real” look she wanted, one that she feels makes her look 25 years young again! 

Making the Doctor Feel Better… With a New Smile! Andre – a sports medicine doctor in California was always conscious of his chipped, short, yellow and worn down teeth. He never knew what was possible until he talked with his dentist. Then, he learned all about the possibilities that today’s dental technology can offer, such as metal-free Empress restorations, and he was very excited about what he saw. Now, after undergoing a comprehensive smile reconstruction that included Empress crowns on his back teeth and veneers on his front teeth, he has a smile that lights up his face. Andre says his smile makeover has made an immense difference in how he interacts with people, and he’s pleased that even his patients notice him smiling more and more these days. 

Tearing Down Barriers with the Gift of A Smile! When you travel the world working with young missionaries in such places as Russia to start up new churches you learn very quickly that smiling can tear down barriers. It can touch lives in a simple and inviting way. And, according to Julie, smiling can be fun! The vibrant 50-year-old with an unstoppable love for life says she smiles a lot these days, now that her Empress smile has taken her dark, brown stained teeth and transformed them into a naturally beautiful white. Her dentist was able to place Julie’s Empress restorations without removing much of her own tooth structure at all, and the results speak for themselves. It’s turned back the clock, she says, giving her a smile that’s youthful and glowing. Since her smile makeover, she feels blessed to give the “happy gift” of a smile to all she encounters. 

Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Loving to Smile! Imagine being able to laugh out loud and not put your hands over your mouth. Imagine that you feel good when you see your smile, a reflection of the hard-working, determined and loving person that you are. in the mirror. Gabriela knows what it’s like. For years she dreamt about fixing her teeth, replacing the old, stained and worn-out restorations that were right smack in front. Because she was embarrassed by the appearance of her teeth, she held back and didn’t smile, not even if she was ecstatic or posing for photographs. Since she’s received her Empress smile makeover, that’s all changed. Her dentist explained every part of the simple veneer procedure every step of the way. Gabriela believes that the decision to fix her teeth is the best decision she’s made. Now she smiles all the time with confidence and self-esteem.

When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It! To begin her second half century, Mireille felt she needed a boost. She knew from magazines and television shows that esthetic dentistry could instantly remove years from her appearance, so she decided to rejuvenate her smile. What she once considered cute or part of her character now made her feel old. With a beautiful new Empress smile, she looks as young and beautiful as she feels, and she says she’s never felt better. With years gone from her face and people regularly asking her what she’s done, she’s happy to flaunt a new smile.

A Winning Smile in No Time! Brook knew full well that her smile wasn’t attractive, since her colleagues and supervisors pointed out her crooked teeth. The idea of wearing braces as an adult was an agonizing thought, and the more she worked in broadcasting and then entered pageants, the more insecure she became about her teeth. Then, it happened. She was crowned Miss Oregon and had to gear up for the Miss America competition. What could she do? She knew that she couldn’t fix her teeth by just tooth whitening or flossing. That’s when her dentist, with the help of Empress made her beautiful pageant smile a reality…and in time for Miss America. For the young woman who’d NEVER been complimented on her smile, the veneer and inlay/onlay procedure was relatively painless and moved quickly. The whole experience, Brook says, has been a life-changing one.

The Solution She Was Waiting For! For 20 years, since the time her permanent teeth came in, Heather had faithfully seen her dentist and suffered through fillings and anything else that would cover her badly discolored, tetracycline stained teeth. She brushed well, but she just couldn’t maintain the “pretty teeth” she wanted. Now she has the most beautiful smile she’s ever seen, thanks to her dentist and the Empress restorations he placed on her top and bottom front teeth. Not only was the smile makeover essential to the appearance of her smile, but it was also imperative for dental health. After receiving her new Empress smile, Heather is so grateful to be able to smile graciously, and she’s so happy to finally be able to say that she’s proud of her smile. Mostly, though, she’s proud of her three sons and her husband – who make her smile the most.

For many of our patients in Chicago, veneers have completely changed the way they view themselves. Smiles by Design is in the business of helping people look and feel their very best, and we are thrilled to share the life-altering stories our patients have shared with us concerning their lives before and after veneers. Call us today, or speak to your dentist at Smiles by Design, to learn more about veneers, and how they could totally transform your smile! Contact Smiles by Design for Ceramic Veneers

We offer more Cosmetic Dentistry Services – Smiles by Design offers a full range of cosmetic treatment options that will have your smile looking its best. All of our cosmetic dental procedures are designed to give patients the added confidence and improved self-image they deserve.

Do you need the best cosmetic dentistry in the greater Chicago area? Are your teeth chipped or stained? Then contact Smiles by Design today to see what IPS Empress veneers can do for you, and get back on the path to a perfect smile!

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