Oral Cancer Screening

Dental Anxiety

At Smiles by Design, we believe in a compassionate, gentle approach to dentistry.

We understand that dental anxiety is a real factor in the lives of many people, so we have designed our treatments with technologies and techniques that minimize patient discomfort while maximizing results and patient experience.

Both Dr. Perlin and Dr. Jonynas bring a “soft hand” to their patient interactions, and will always work closely with our patients to find the proper path to a perfect smile.

We will never say things to try and trick you, we will never recommend any unnecessary procedure, and we will always take your anxiety seriously.

Our entire staff will work tirelessly to see that your anxiety is replaced by confidence, and your smile is all that it was meant to be.

Smiles by Design has decades of experience serving the greater Chicago area. If we have learned anything in all those years, it is the fact that the patient’s comfort and confidence in our team directly impact the results we can achieve together.

So, our belief that compassionate, gentle dental care is the only way to run a practice is no opinion…it is fact.

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