Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

More than 48,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and it will kill almost 10,000 of those people. Sadly, only 57% of the more than 48,000 diagnosed this year will still be living five years from now.

These numbers are frightening, and while some of the risk factors, such as the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, are well-known nearly 25% of new oral cancer diagnoses have no known risk factors.

In fact, the U.S. has seen a five-fold increase in oral cancer patients under age 40 that have no immediately recognizable risk factors.

What are the odds of it happening to me? If you think yourself immune to the dangers just read this story about renowned Chicago chef Grant Achaz of Alinea, and his battle with advanced tongue cancer.

It is common knowledge that catching cancer as early as possible leads to the best results in treatment and survivability.

Here are some facts we do know:

  • Oral cancer in women has dramatically increased due to an increase in women smoking. In 1950, the male to female ratio was 6:1; by 2002 it was 2:1.
  • African-Americans are especially vulnerable. Their incidence rate is 33% higher than whites, and their mortality rate is almost twice as high.

Regular dental checkups at Smiles by Design routinely include an examination of the entire mouth. These oral cancer screenings are essential in the early detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions. Come in today, or give us a call, so that we can help keep you and your smile alive and well. With over 20 years of serving the greater Chicago area, we have the experience and tools to help you reach your smile potential!

We offer more Preventative Dentistry Services – Smiles by Design offers a full range of preventative dentistry options that will protect your teeth and save you money. Our preventative dentistry options are designed to help patients maintain a healthy smile over the course of a lifetime.

Are you in need of the finest preventative dentistry in the greater Chicago area? Have you had a dental checkup with oral cancer screening in the last year? Then contact Smiles by Design to schedule your dental checkup, and get screened for oral cancer signs today!

Being proactive with oral care can keep your smile healthy and your expenses low!

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