WaterLase Technology

WaterLase Technology

WaterLase Technology: Pain free dentistry. No injections for fillings

The two most common causes of dental anxiety and fear have always been the sound of the drill and the idea of needles being used in your mouth. Well, as part of our ongoing commitment to the latest technologies Smiles by Design proudly uses the WaterLase System by Biolase. That means pain-free dentistry is no longer a dream of the future. Pain-free dentistry can be found at Smiles by Design!

The traditional dental drill generated heat, pressure, and vibration when used in a patient’s mouth. These caused the majority of the pain felt by the patient, and were the source of many of the dental horror stories we have all heard in our lifetimes. Thankfully, the WaterLase does the work of the old drill without generating heat, vibration, or pressure, so many dental procedures can be done without the need for shots, anesthesia, or the numbing of a patient’s lips. Soft tissue procedures are also greatly improved by using the WaterLase. Patients have less bleeding, less swelling, less need for medication, and far less post-operative pain.

Many of the more insidious side-effects of the traditional drill have also been completely eradicated by using the WaterLase system. Old drills used high speeds to carve through the enamel of the tooth. This could lead to future problems caused by drilling like hairline cracks and fractures that go unnoticed when they occur. The WaterLase system minimizes this kind of trauma and maximizes results.

The WaterLase system, as we have already discussed, is light years ahead of the more traditional dental drill. It is far more accurate and precise, so the chances of collateral damage associated with drilling are reduced to zero. This is an enormous leap forward in dentistry, and will forever change the way you respond to the thought of a cavity. Contact Smiles by Design today to learn more about the WaterLase system, and schedule an appointment to experience pain-free dentistry for yourself!