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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

At Smiles by Design, located in the heart of downtown Chicago, we offer the highest quality general and cosmetic dentistry services – utilizing the latest technology to achieve incredible results.

Our caring, compassionate approach to dentistry has earned the loyalty and trust of our patients, and our commitment to excellence shows every time one of our patients smiles. With 30 years in practice, we have the staff, the skills, and the solutions you need. Contact us for information or to schedule an appointment.

To schedule an appointment with one of our dentists, or to simply find out more information, contact Smiles By Design at (312) 263-2323Send us a message or come by our office and see us today.

  • Dentists
  • Dr. Barry Perlin: D.D.S
  • Dr. Lina Jonynas: D.D.S.
  • Hygienists/ Anesthetists
  • Irma Camacho: Hygienist
  • Dental Assistants
  • Veronica Fonseca
  • Hector Barron
  • Office Support
  • Whitney King
  • Leonora (Leo) Ramerez


Smiles by Design offers the finest preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions available in the greater Chicago area. Our compassionate, professional staff is here to ensure that you receive the highest quality care in our comfortable downtown location. Contact Smiles by Design today to learn more about the miracles of modern dentistry!

Smiles by Design – Dentists

Dr. Barry Perlin D.D.S.
Graduating from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in 1987, Dr. Perlin has been practicing general dentistry for more than two decades.

He was among the first dentists in the Chicago area to offer digital x-rays, and one of the area’s first Invisalign Premiere Providers.

With a passion for continuing education, he has received instruction at the Kois Center, the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, the Hornbrook Center for Advanced Clinical Education, and the Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry.
Dr. Lina Jonynas D.D.S.
An expert with over 20 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Jonynas received her degree from Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1987.

She is committed to helping her patients achieve their dreams, and she works tirelessly to find solutions that best suit their needs.

Her work has graced the faces of models and celebrities and the pages of Chicago Magazine and Chicago Social.

Dental Assistants, Hygienists, Anesthetists, Coordination & Support

Smiles by Design is proud to be home to the finest people in Chicago. We have an exceptional group of office and clinical staff who are dedicated to the well-being of our patients and the community in general. Each and every one of the Smiles by Design team brings something unique and special to our office, and we know we can count on them to keep both our patients and our practice healthy. Take a moment to read about our team members, and contact Smiles by Design today to speak to one of them about our many services or schedule an appointment. Your teeth will thank you.

Veronica Fonseca

Veronica Fonseca

Dental Assistant
Veronica joined our team more then a year ago now.  Since then, she has enjoyed serving our patients and learning new aspects of dentistry along the way. 
Hector Barron

Hector Barron

Dental Assistant
Rosiris Velandria began her jorney in the dentistry industry in Venezuela. At the age of 25, she was graduated from José Antonio Páez University as a dentist.
Preventative 100%
Cosmetic 100%
Restorative 100%
Irma Camacho

Irma Camacho

Dental Hygienist
Joining the Smiles by Design team in 2000 as a dental assistant, Irma has continually pushed herself forward while becoming an ever more valuable member of our staff.
General Dentistry 100%
Family Dentistry 100%
Cosmetic Dentistry 100%
Whitney King

Whitney King

Office Support
Whitney has been working in the dental field for half a decade. As a new addition to the team, Whitney is enthusiastic about contributing to the front desk operations of Smiles by Design and ensuring a welcoming environment for all patients.
Leonora (Leo) Ramerez

Leonora (Leo) Ramerez

Office Support
Leonora has more than 5 years experience in the dental field, starting as a dental assistant prior to transitioning to our front office team.
New Technologies 100%
Commitment 100%
Service Guarantee 100%

Smiles by Design – Philosophy & Mission

Our Dentists…

Dr. Perlin D.D.S. and Dr. Jonynas D.D.S. both take great pride in their training, their practice, and, most importantly, the smiles of their patients. Each is dedicated, driven, and devoted to the well-being of their patients and staff. Smiles by Design, with two of the finest dentists in Chicago, will take your smile to another level!

Our Hygienists…

Smiles by Design has been fortunate over the years to find talented, dedicated hygienists who are not only passionate about dentistry, but about the relationships they form with patients and fellow staff members. These are gifted, experienced, compassionate people who will never fail to surpass expectations.

Our Dental Assistants…

Smiles by Design is home to some very talented dental assistants who do so much for our family of patients. They bring a friendliness and positivity to their interactions with patients and staff that truly make our office a destination patients look forward to visiting.

Whitney King, Smiles By Design Dentist Chicago

Our Support Staff…

Smiles by Design’s office in downtown Chicago is run by some amazing people. They are the frontline of the patient experience, and do an incredible job handling the details that keep our staff busy and our patients happy. They love working with our patients, and we love working with them. It is a win-win.